*IP Cameras Installation Professional Wiring & Installation, LLC is a Mississippi licensed reseller. We sell and install a wide range of commercial grade IP cameras to meet any budget.  If you have already purchased IP cameras, we can provide you a free quote for professional installation.  We can also setup remote viewing on your smartphone or tablet, which will allow you to view live footage of your home or business, using your high speed Internet connection.  Protect your property and other assets today.  Don’t wait until an incident happens before you take action.  Contact us today by visiting our contact page.

* Voice and Data Cabling – Whether your business is new, relocating, or you are simply upgrading your network infrastructure, we can perform the necessary task to ensure an efficient network environment for quality data transmission.  Our team can handle rollout services for both small and large organizations.  From the beginning phase, through the project’s completion, Professional Wiring & Installation, LLC. will be on time, and on task to ensure your organization has a smooth transition.  We also replace broken jacks and damaged cabling.  No job is too small.

* Wireless Access Point Installation – Wireless networking is increasingly becoming more popular as technology evolves.  We can setup a wireless network to fit your specific needs.

* Printer Networking – With the increase in the number of workstations, the demand for print sharing has also increased.  To offset office equipment costs, print sharing has become the solution of choice.  Our team can setup network printers to meet your cost savings goals.

* Network Security  – We provide risk assessments to large and small organizations for network penetration risks, and email security.  We also provide cloud services, firewall installation, Virtual Private Network configuration, and network monitoring software.  Let our security team evaluate your network and provide solutions to keep your organization moving forward.